Merkur Xmas

Together with Studio Revkin, I helped create a Christmas commercial for Austrian supermarket chain Merkur. Fully animated, the spot tells the story of a young squirrel fascinated by the festive activities of its human neighbours.

Even though my main area of focus was visual development, I was involved in various stages of the production - from the initial character designs and storyboards to background paintings, in-betweening and colouring.

Direction: Sascha Vernik
Keyframe Animation: Garbanzo Film S.L, Francisco Muñoz
Design & Animation: Florian Boschitsch Bron
Concept Art: Igino
Coloring: Benjamin Swiczinsky
Snow Footage: Philippe Moesch
Music: Filous
Sound Design: Innenhofstudios
Making-of Music: Clemens Sainitzer
Agency: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann
Production Company: Das Rund